Family matters at The Brampton Halt Northampton

A cathedral wedding, a cathedral veil, and burgers & chips for tea!

Ciara and Lee’s wedding at The Brampton Halt, Northampton ticked all the boxes for my perfect wedding! The most amazing cathedral-length veil I’ve ever seen! My first ever wedding in an actual cathedral! And a super-laid back, fun vibe, just how I like it! And the food was bangin’ too! Burgers and chips?! Yes please! 

Waaay too many exclamation points, I know. But I’m just so fucking excited to show you!! OK, calm down, Amy. Deep breaths.

But what made this wedding truly special (except the awesome veil, the beautiful cathedral and the bangin’ burger and chips) was how family was at the heart of it all. 

How Northampton cathedral was where Ciara’s grandparents got married so many decades before. And how she lit a candle that morning to remember them. How Ciara’s sister was her makeup artist, making the morning of the wedding that much more special. How Ciara and Lee’s daughter kept saying it was her wedding, and it was too cute to argue with so we all just went along with it! 

It was one of those days when you could just feel the love, you know?! Cheesy? Maybe. But totally true. So come have a look, it was an incredible day.

A masterclass in getting the best bridal prep photos!

The morning of the wedding was good vibes all the way. Ciara had her sister Finola as her MUA. So there was such a lovely family atmosphere from the very start. And with Ciara and Lee’s daughter Gracie getting ready with them as well, it was just non-stop moments of cuteness!

And from a wedding photographer’s perspective, Ciara absolutely nailed the bridal prep! Throughout the whole day Ciara and Lee were all about their photography. And trust me, they’d thought of everything

Clearing a room for shots of the dress is always a great idea. And I just love these shots of the beautiful gown hanging from the ornate full-length mirror, the epic cathedral-length veil flowing down and spreading across the floor below. One of those *chef’s kiss* moments as a wedding photographer! 

And the getting-ready room was photo-perfect, too. Super photogenic, and full of light. And completely clear of clutter, except a few champagne glasses and bottles (and we can’t blame them for that, can we?!)

Northampton Cathedral wedding

Northampton Cathedral holds a special place in Ciara and Lee’s heart, and they’d always known they wanted to get married there. 

Ciara’s grandparents had said their vows to each other beneath the same beautiful ceiling, so many decades before. And now it’s Ciara and Lee’s regular place of worship. It’s rare for any couple to get married in a place that means as much to them as Northampton Cathedral has to Ciara and Lee. And it made the ceremony so sentimental and personal.

And not only is the cathedral so special to them, it’s really bloody beautiful! I felt like some kind of high-flying royal wedding photographer! It’s only 150 years old (which is a spritely youngster, for a cathedral!) And it’s truly stunning. With stained glass windows, a spectacular high-vaulted ceiling and the beautiful Triptych carving behind the altar, it’s an absolute dream to photograph. 

After a fun, intimate, heart-breakingly romantic ceremony, Ciara and Lee came out to a blizzard of confetti! And after a few ‘I can’t believe we’re married!’ moments, they grabbed a glass of champagne each, climbed into a vintage Austin Princess with their children, and headed to the reception.

Wedding reception at The Brampton Halt Northampton

The Brampton Halt Northampton is a great reception venue for a chilled out, fun, relaxed wedding. And trust me, the food there is insanely delicious! But whoever said pub weddings can’t be beautiful is in for a shock. Because Ciara and Lee styled The Brampton Halt out to the max!

The delicate eucalyptus and white roses in the floristry, the personalised name settings on every table, and the London-themed table names were all beautiful. And I loved the ‘selfie spot’ with a flower arch and blush pink hanging so everyone could get a pretty selfie together. 

But what I loved most was how FUN it all was! I loved the ‘kids corner’ with a little net teepee, cushions, games and sweets for the children. The hamper of crayons, coloured pencils and pens so that everyone could draw their own favourite memory. The dessert table with stacks of doughnuts, sweets and popcorn.

They even had cotton candy cocktails ‘from Mr and Mrs Cotton!’ These guys are just too fucking CUTE!

Wedding photos at The Brampton Halt Northampton

Ciara and Lee were in it for the photos! They wanted to get as many amazing photos as they could at every opportunity! And I was there for it! 

And the grounds at The Brampton Halt Northampton are great for wedding photography. Nestled in a secluded alcove of trees, they had their first few moments alone together as husband and wife. The babble of the wedding party just a murmur in the distance. And the ground beneath them dotted with the first few amber leaves of autumn. So romantic! 

The Brampton Halt also has a small lake in the grounds as well. And I’m so glad I captured the moment with them in each other’s arms, the emerald lake in the background, and the dramatic veil flying out behind her as it caught the autumn wind. C’mon, you’ve gotta just love a veil haven’t you?!

Looking for a Northampton wedding photographer?

It’s hard to imagine a couple more perfectly suited to me than Ciara and Lee. Insanely fun and laid-back, completely family-focused, absolutely besotted with each other. And totally in it for the photos!

Because I’m the sort of photographer who’ll let you dictate how the day goes. So if you’re having too much fun to disappear for photos at golden hour, then I’ll let you carry on with the party. Because the most important thing to me is that you have the best day ever and enjoy every second of it. 

But if you’re like Ciara and Lee and you want every photo you can get, from couples shots to sparkler exits, then you’ve found your girl! And I’ll get you the best damn wedding photos you could dream of and make sure you have an absolute blast while we’re at it!

If you love my work and think I might be your dream photographer, let’s have a chat. Please get in touch today and let’s get to know each other.



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