As your wedding photographer, I’m all about giving you the experience that’ll make you the happiest. I capture weddings throughout Northamptonshire, from Crockwell Farm to Dodford Manor. You can see some real weddings on the blog below! 

.When I photograph weddings its memories over poses, fun over photos, and the wedding day you want above everything else Because let me tell you a sneaky little wedding photography secret…if you’re having the best day of your lives, awesome photos are sure to follow.

I want you to absolutely love your wedding album. Like, bouncing up and down in the kitchen, scream-voice-noting me with excitement, LOVE.

And it won’t be because every frame is perfect (because the real moments never are). it’ll be because every smile is beaming, every laugh is out-loud, and every hug is a squeeze. And because every photo isn’t just a pose, or a set-up shot. It’s a memory of a story you’ll one day race to tell.

And that’s really all I want to do. Make sure your wedding day is the best it could possibly be. And give you heartfelt, honest photos to tell the story of your special day. 

Hi, I’m Amy. A wakeboarding, Book Reading  Potterhead, and a dorky, friendly, and cheerful wedding photographer in Northamptonshire

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Nostalgic & Documentary Wedding Photography 

Here’s a fun fact: I cried at the altar once

And they weren’t dainty tears, either. Oh no. We’re talking properly embarrassing, open-mouth sobs. The way they were looking at each other…*lets out involuntary wail* it sounds cheesy, but I just love seeing people get their happily-ever-after.

For me, it’s all about that childhood sweetheart, ‘still holding hands when you’re seventy’ kinda love. The kind you see smiling back at you from the pages of old photo albums. That’s the kinda love I want in my life.

And you know what? That kind of love isn't perfect. It’s flawed, and messy, and vulnerable. It’s biscuits in bed, kisses in the kitchen, and PJs ‘n’ cuddles on the sofa.

But that’s what makes it ours, right? It's beautiful because it’s real, because it's not perfect.

And as your wedding photographer, that’s the kind of love I want to capture. Your love. Captured just as you know it, in all its perfectly imperfect gorgeousness.

That’s right, I’m a shameless softie. Come get to know me!!

A cowgirl bride at Hales Hall & The Great Barn


Dodford Manor Barn wedding venue

A truly epic tipi wedding in Northamptonshire

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Real weddings on the blog

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