I’m a cat on my lap, cup of tea in bed, Hogwarts letter in my dreams kinda girl. And I’ll be honest with you now (because you’re bound to find out eventually). I’m super-dorky…

I have a truly EPIC Funko collection (you might not think it’s cool, but they’d fucking worship me in Comic Con). I love books, the new D&D film, Wednesday (the series, not the day). And I’m a massive Potterhead. It’s been twenty years, and I’m still secretly waiting for my Hogwarts letter.

*Hears owl hoot, holds breath*.

I’m a proper little homebody. At any given time, I would always rather be in bed with my cats, a book and a cup of tea. Unfortunately, ‘Professional Bed-Tea-Cat Person’ isn’t a thing (I’ve checked). So here I am, blinking in the bright lights of the outside world.

I’m definitely more of a country girl than a girly-girl. Give me wellies over heels, mud over mascara any day. And I adore dogs. Not remotely bothered about having kids, but I can’t fucking wait to get a little doofus dog! I’m gonna call him Fudge.

I go wakeboarding about three times a week. I can even do all the cool jumps, and tricks and stuff. And when the lake gets freezing, I do indoor climbing instead.. I do love my bed, but I find a great deal of peace in adrenaline

And that’s me, I guess. An outdoorsy homebody; a clumsy-as-fuck adrenaline junkie; a dogless dog lover (Jesus, when you see it all written down…) Anyway, that’s me! Hope you like me!

Hi, I’m Amy. 

My little life outside wedding photography

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I’m very much a family girl at heart. My family means the world to me, and my niece, Freya, is just the absolute light of my life. 

My Children (My cats) are the 2 loves of my life and they will be at my wedding.

And when I get married, that’s what I want it to be about. My family and my best friends.

I want some beautiful photos, sure. But I don’t wanna spend the whole day taking them. I want it to look pretty, but I’m not gonna be stressing about the stationary or fussing over the florals (except in my hair. I so badly want flowers in my hair!)

I just want to spend the day surrounded by the people I love. And if we all end up getting absolutely shit-faced? So be it.