Hey, I’m Amy. I take charge of all thing’s photography.  I love natural light and chasing sunsets. My style is relaxed and candid, I really do try my best to make sure you have the best day of your lives. There is nothing I love more than watching you marry your best friend and soulmate. 

Meet Amy...


Things I love

- The Sims 
- Digestives dipped in tea
- Wakeboarding
- Sunsets

- My boyfriend James
- McDonalds drive through
- Rock climbing
- Harry potter

Things I love

- Marvel
- Swimming
- Animals (especially cats)
- Star wars

- Going to the gym
- My Girlfriend Amy
- My Funko Collection
- Going to the cinema

True to life

Our Approach

If you want a photography/videography team that hides out in the background and leaves you to your day that’s fine, just book someone else. James and I are the best third-wheel tag team you could ask for on such an important day! Ill direct guests and detain the unwilling if needed. With myself covering photography, James on video and you as the focus. We've got ever angle covered. Well work together to capture every smile your day creates. 

To be completely honest, we're not like the rest.

I'm in charge of all things highlight video, I work alongside Amy as an extra when needed to capture your day in motion.
I love experimenting with fluid angles to capture raw emotion and reactions. My mission is to bring all the amazing memories of your special day together into a tidy and heartfelt series of clips.
I can't wait to help you capture the start of your next chapter. 

Meet James...