Making friends with anyone who’ll talk to me, joining the party if there’s one raging, or just hanging out and chatting if that’s the vibe.

Look closely and you’ll see I’m up to something. But to any casual passer-by, I’m just a cheerful, chatty, wildly enthusiastic guest.

Because you know what? Being that friendly, goofy, geeky guest is like a wedding photography superpower. No one ever feels embarrassed, or awkward around me. After all, “it’s only Amy”.

I get to catch people at their most relaxed, their most happy, their most... them. And tell the story of a day when everyone just got to be themselves.

Relaxed and natural wedding photography in Northamptonshire

My approach? I’ll slip into your day like a long-lost relative…

Quite literally, whatever you wanna do, count me in (except murder and stuff, obviously).

Chasing sunsets, dancing in torrential rain, running through muddy fields…if you wanna go for an adventure and get some kickass shots while we’re at it, I’m totally up for it!

And if you’d rather just stay with the fam, get drunk and party? I’d love to do that too.

I’ll guide you along so you’re never feeling lost, suggest things I know you’ll love, and make sure everything runs smoothly. (Because what kind of a friend would I be if I didn’t?!) But I’ll never push you into something you’re not absolutely buzzing for.

I’m here for you, not my portfolio.

So of course we’ll get you some drop-dead gorgeous photos (I’m a wedding photographer, it’s kinda my thing). But above all else, I want you to love the memories that come with them.

Just think of me as a genie, and you’ve got unlimited wishes

Giving you the experience- and the photos- that’ll make you happiest

You had us at ‘unlimited wishes’! Let’s chat

 We had an amazing day doing our couples shoot with her. Amy has such a relaxing and friendly personality which made us feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera, we even forgot it was there which showed through the natural photos. she captured of our love for each other. I would 100% recommend Amy if you are looking for a fun and relaxing shoot which in return gives you beautiful photos you never thought you would see yourself in.

Amy is incredible

We chose Amy to Photograph our wedding in December and so glad we chose her. From start to finish Amy was professional, fun and always put us at ease. The photos looked amazing and all of our friends and family have commented on how brilliant they turned out. I would recommend Amy as a wedding photographer without hesitation. I am so pleased she got to share our wedding day with us.

The photos looked amazing!

You definitely won’t be disappointed to have her at your special day. She has a way of making you feel completely at ease in front of the camera and captures you so so well. I couldn’t believe how amazing me and my partner looked in the photos she took for us, I will forever treasure them. She’s dynamic, hilarious, and the end result is something you’ll literally be looking back on in years to come with joy. I treasure her photos and I look forward to seeing her posts on my Instagram feed.

 Perfect balance of professional, and fun!

The Main Event
(Ceremony & portraits)

150+ digitally enhanced images
in my signature style

Online album to share with
friends and family


The After Party
(From ceremony to the first dance)

300+ digitally enhanced images
in my signature style

Online album to share with
friends and family

The Last One Standing
(Morning prep through to first dance)
9 Hours 

500+ digitally enhanced images
in my signature style

pre wedding photo shoot

Online album to share with
friends and family

wedding welcome guide

20 fine art prints & USB

You wanna know something funny?

When you flick through your wedding album in fifty years time, it’ll be the little things that make you smile the most.
An “oh my God, I’d forgotten about that…” detail, and the hundred other memories that come tumbling after. The way they look at you, caught when no one’s watching. A much-missed face in the corner of a frame.
Sure, the Insta-ready moments get all the hype. But it’s the little things that make the story what it is.
So as your wedding photographer, I wanna give you everything…
Not just the big moments, but the little ones too. The small details that set the scene. Subtle moments, sparks of connection, the atmosphere, the smiling faces. Everything. Captured with intent, and told like a story.
Because with the best will in the world, you won’t remember it all. Even Dumbledore has the Pensieve (and he's Dumbledore).
And when you sit down with your wedding album together, that’s how I want you to feel. Like you’re taking a stroll through a memory. So every page- every detail- brings with it a wave of nostalgia. And you get to relive your day all over again.

A 25% deposit of the agreed price is payable to secure your date. The remaining 75% will be payable 1 month before the wedding day. I am happy to accept BACS transfer (preferable) or cash. No cheques will be accepted. 

When do we pay you? 

Depending on how many pictures were ultimately taken (package dependent), it can take between 6 and 8 weeks to complete the package. However there will be sneak peeks along the way! The online album will be available immediately on completion.

How quickly will I receive my photos? 

Usually I just go with the flow. But group shots are a notorious wedding day nightmare, so prepare to hear my big girl voice! I’ll direct your guests, get shit sorted, and detain the unwilling if needed. We’ll get some nice formal shots for your parents’ hallway. And…relax! That wasn’t so bad now, was it?!

I like to get all the posed shots out of the way in one go. So you only have to deal with “Amy the wedding photographer” for about twenty minutes. Then you get to spend the rest of the day with “Amy the lovely (slightly dorky) guest with a camera”.

Whats the deal with group shots?

This is package dependent, however if you require more images in the base package, we can discuss this as an optional extra. 
All albums contain a mixture of colour and black & white images.  

How many photos will I get? 


At the moment I don't offer wedding albums but I do provide prints with my "The last one standing" collection.

Do you offer wedding albums & Prints?

Absolutely. All my equipment is insured and I have public liability insurance. 

Are you insured? 

To put it simply, no. Raw images aren't something i offer to my clients. Normally to view raw images you need special software and a lot of them are outtakes such as blinkers and test shots. 

Can we have the Raw files?

I mean, you don’t HAVE to do anything if you don’t want to. And to be honest, the camera-shy gal in me totally sees where you’re coming from. But I do think it’s important to have those photos of just the two of you together on your wedding day. If nothing else, it’s an excuse to escape the crowds and be alone for a while.

If you wanna enjoy the experience and have an hour-long photoshoot, I’m up for it. If you wanna have a quick 5 minutes, we’ll smash through it and get back to the party. I’ve got it down to an art to get the nice photos quickly; it’ll be a big part of your gallery, but it doesn’t have to be a big part of your day if you don’t want it to be.

Do we have to do couple’s shots?


I’ll send you my welcome guide, filled to the brim with helpful tips and advice. And if there’s anything else you need help with, just drop me a message and I’ll do my very best to help.

Keep in touch

If we’re vibing, let’s do this thing! Pay your deposit, sign the contract, and you have officially found your wedding photographer (and a pretty darn lovely one at that!)

Make it official

If I’m your wedding photographer, we’re gonna be spending a whole lotta time together. So before you commit, let’s jump on a Zoom and see if we hit it off.

Let’s chat

How It Works

step one

step two

step three

step four

step five

step six

It’s nearly time!

The photos

A month before your wedding, we’ll have a team Facetime, just the three of us. Timelines, plans, family dynamics, must-have shots and moments…we’ll go through everything! And then on the day, you can just relax and have fun, knowing everything’s taken care of.

It’s your wedding day! Whoop whoop! Get soppy-romantic, get stupid-drunk, make tons of memories and don’t worry about a thing. Whatever happens, I’ll make sure you have the best day ever.

I’ll send you some previews a day or two after the wedding (feel free to leave me one of those screaming-excited voice-notes we were talking about). Your full gallery will be delivered 6-8 weeks later. You can then choose 20 of your favourites and I’ll have them printed for you as a gift. I’ll even send you some sweets and stuff (‘cause I’m nice like that!)

Lets Party!