A truly epic tipi wedding in Northamptonshire

The dream wedding for a Northamptonshire wedding photographer.

Check out this epic tipi wedding in Northamptonshire! Limitless local cider, vintage Range Rovers and a guestbook carved from a tree.

Wanna see the best ever tipi wedding? Well to set the scene, I’m going to start off with a story. Because who doesn’t love a good story?! 

Eddie and Laura were getting married on Eddie’s family farm. So I headed over there a few days before. Just to have a little look around and get some ideas for shots (like the diligent and dedicated Northamptonshire wedding photographer I am!)

And it was crazy! Tipis going up left and right, Eddie in the background hacking away at a giant log, cider vans opening their shutters. It was like watching a circus being set up. And after a few minutes, Eddie spotted me and told me to stop watching and help! So there I was, on a sit-on mower in my dress. Mowing the massive lawn and helping Eddie and his family get ready for the wedding.

And this is what made this one of my favourite ever weddings. Firstly, because I got to use the sit-on mower (which was awesome, by the way). But mainly because these were my kinda people, and I was made to feel like one of the family. A chilled festival vibe, gorgeous wedding details, loads of cool personal touches. And not to mention, near-limitless cider. If you’re tempted by a tipi wedding, prepare to be inspired. 

The Church of St Mary in Podington

Now I may have a mouth like a drunken sailor with tourettes, but I really do love a church wedding. 

And not just because they’re nice and traditional and look pretty in photographs. But because as a Christian, religious ceremonies are always very special to me. And Laura and Eddie’s ceremony was no different. Emotional, honest, and filled with truthful intention.

But of course, from a purely wedding photographer’s perspective, church weddings do look pretty in photographs! 

And The Church of St Mary in Podington is picture-postcard-perfect. Complete with a belfry and spire, and with pink roses climbing over the stone archway outside, you’re guaranteed a stunning confetti shot as you come out! 

Summer styling and a guest book carved from a fallen tree

As soon as we arrived at Eddie’s family farm, it felt like we were at a romantic, fun, beautifully-styled festival. 

People chatting on the grass, sunglasses on, ciders in their hands, all there to celebrate Laura and Eddie’s love for each other. And this is the great thing about having a tipi wedding. The atmosphere is always so inclusive and relaxed. No elaborate spectacle, just all your favourite people in the world coming together to celebrate you.

The main reception dinner was held in a giant marquee from Big Top Marquees in Northamptonshire. Long tables added to the ‘family-dinner-party’ atmosphere. And bright summer blooms of sunflowers and lilies supplied by a family friend brought splashes of happy colour into the tent. 

But my favourite detail of all had to be their unique take on a ‘guest book’. Eddie had chopped down a tree, carved it into a bench, and left Sharpies for each guest to sign their name. And by the end of the evening, they had what has to be the best wedding guest book ever! Their own piece of rustic furniture, covered in messages of love from their closest friends and family. Such a cool idea.

There ain’t no party like a tipi wedding party!

If you want your wedding to get a bit crazy, being best friends with a local brewery really does help get the party started! And as the Saxby’s Cider orchards are literally next door to Eddie’s house, things were bound to get messy! 

But the great thing about having a tipi wedding is that everyone is within stumbling distance of their beds! And everyone took full advantage of the awesomely comfortable tipis from Enchanted Bell Tents

Part of the marquee had been turned into a dance floor, with an awesome band filling the tent late into the night. And outside the marquee, the festival vibes continued. Guests sitting on hay bails, drinking cider, chatting and laughing. And watching the flames of the fire pits flicker as darkness fell. 

My favourite part of the day as a wedding photographer

My favourite part of the day came towards the end of the night. Laura and Eddie snuck away from the party and shared a few intimate moments together on their bench. 

With sentiments of love and happiness from their family and friends scrawled into the wood beneath them, they enjoyed a few peaceful minutes just the two of them. Plastic cups of local cider in their hands, wrapped up in each other’s arms, watching the sunset together for the first time as husband and wife. 

And they’re my favourite moments as a wedding photographer. Not the big events like the first dance or the cutting of the cake. But those little moments between you. The memories you weren’t planning, but that make your day so special. And they’re the memories I want to capture for you. Because they’re the ones you’ll want to relive again and again.

And that’s why I don’t like to interrupt your wedding day, or pull you away for endless photographs unless you’re into it. I want us to have a f*cking BLAST together! So that I can give you a wedding gallery you’ll absolutely love. Because it’ll tell the story of the best day of your lives. That amazing day when you’ve never had so much fun, and never been so in love. 

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